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Guide to Going Racing Guide to Going Racing
Welcome to our guide to Jump racing, where we explain how Jump or 'National Hunt' Racing in Britain works and is set up.

In this area you will find information about:
The Festivals
All of the different categories of Jump races have their championship races at either Cheltenham or Aintree festvials.
Major Events
Details of all the major events throughout the Jump racing season.
Hurdles and Fences
An explanation of the different types and categories of Jump race.
Race Grades
Each category of Jump race is divided into different grades of quality. We explain the race grades.
Equine Welfare
The safety of horses is of paramount importance to us. Learn about our links with Equine Welfare groups and charities.

Point to Point
In addition, the British Horseracing Authority is responsible for regulating "Point to Point" racing, which is Steeple Chase racing for amateurs. Visit the Point to Point area of our site for more information about Point to Point racing.

Racing Crowd

Careers in Racing