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The thrill of ownership The thrill of ownership
Prize-givingApart from the excitement, involvement and expectation you get when owning your own racehorse, there are a number of other benefits that owners receive:

  • Prize Money. Prize Money. Prize money in Britain reached over £106 million in 2008, compared to £84 million in 2002. Some races offer prize money to the first six horses, others to the first three or four.
  • Raceday Privileges. When your horse runs you will receive the following benefits: Entry badges to the racecourse (between two and six badges, depending on the course, often with more available to those belonging to partnerships). Exclusive use of special owner’s facilities such as restaurants at many courses. Most courses have special viewing areas set aside for owners and all but a few have an Owners Bar. Winning owners are often presented with a trophy. If it is an optional trophy, the owner will have the choice of retaining the trophy or taking the cash equivalent.
  • ROA Badge Scheme. The Racehorse Owners Association Owners Badge Scheme allows a maximum of 4,500 owners, who have at least one horse in training, or the equivalent shares in several horses, the opportunity to gain free entry to over 1,200 race fixtures per year. Membership of the scheme is free to members of the ROA, and the association membership fee is £210. For more information please contact the ROA Office on 020 7152 0200 or
  • Appearance Money. The Appearance Money fund paid out just under £1.5m in 2008. This money is distributed according to certain criteria and all registered owners are eligible. Make sure you ask your trainer about which races are eligible to gain appearance money for your horse.
  • The VAT Scheme. . Racehorse owners are able to register for Value Added Tax and as such reclaim their outlay on VAT for their racehorse interests. The costs eligible for VAT reclaim include: Racehorse purchase, Training fees, Veterinary and blacksmith fees, Horse transport, Livery fees, Upkeep costs whilst the horse is at the owner’s premises, Gallop fees, Jockeys riding fees and retainers. To find out more about this scheme and how to register click here.
  • Sponsorship opportunities. Owners are able to seek sponsorship for their racing activities. Sponsors can place their logos on a number of available logo sites and gain financial reward for this. For a copy of the guidelines about racehorse sponsorship click here.

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