Why is it that traces of antibiotics or wormers are allowed to be present on raceday?

14 Jul 14

As it is important to complete any course of antibiotics to help prevent resistance developing within the bacteria we would not wish for a trainer to stop giving a course of antibiotics prescribed by a vet in order for the horse to be eligible to run in the future. We are confident that antibiotics do not improve performance on raceday. More details on detection of Anti-Infective Drugs can in the BHA Notices Section of the Rules Website and there are specific notices on:

  • Procaine penicillin (white injection, looks like milk) is prohibited since procaine is a local anaesthetic
  • Levamisole, a wormer used in farm animals, is prohibited in horses where it is sometimes used to stimulate the immune system
  • Amantidine, a drug used to treat influenza and that may also alter behaviour