What does RaceWISE want to know?

03 Jun 14

RaceWISE wants your information and not your name. You will be asked questions about the information you are giving – but you will not be asked your name, address, or anything that may identify you.

The call operators are not allowed to let the BHA know anything about you which may reveal your identity, e.g. if the call is about a neighbour of yours they will not disclose this.

RaceWISE want to work with the Industry in helping to keep it clean. To do that they need as much information as possible from you in order to pass useful data onto the Integrity Department. This means that the call operator will ask you questions about what you know. This helps check that your information can be acted upon by the Integrity team – the more detail that is provided, the more likely action will be taken.

Never put yourself at risk, or abuse a position of trust, to discover information about wrongdoing.