Rules and guidance

The BHA has the key responsibility of upholding the integrity of racing and this involves ensuring that racing is a fair and safe competition.

anti-doping, British racing, guidance, rules, regulationDoping and the inappropriate use of authorised medicines are a threat to the integrity and reputation of racing, it can give competitors an unfair advantage and threatens the welfare of horses and therefore is not tolerated.

As the regulator of British racing, the BHA operates a robust system, with zero-tolerance to doping. In addition, in line with most racing jurisdictions world-wide, horses racing under BHA Rules must do so free from the effects of any prohibited substance.

The BHA recognises that a number of positive samples result from inadvertent failures in medication control whilst caring for a horse in training. The BHA therefore ensures that the system of stringent regulation concerning anti-doping and medication control incorporates the essential features of education and prevention. For further information please refer to the anti-doping and medication control FAQs.