Licensing committee

Applications for licences, permits or registrations are determined by the British Horseracing Authority however, in certain circumstances, BHA may refer matters to the Licensing Committee for a decision on the merits, or an applicant may seek reassessment by the Licensing Committee in the event that BHA has decided to refuse an application.

The BHA’s Licensing Committee procedures allow fair and impartial consideration of matters referred to it, which may include a hearing for individuals with the Committee.  In all instances, BHA will put forward its reasons for the refusal or the referral, together with any supporting documentation.  The individual is then allowed a reasonable period of time to respond.  Hearings take the form of a discussion led by the Licensing Committee and individuals can be legally represented.

The Licensing Committee will reach a decision based upon the evidence before it and provide accompanying reasons as soon as practicable thereafter.

Decisions of the Licensing Committee are final subject to relevant rights of appeal to the Appeal Board.

Full details regarding the determination of applications can be found at Schedule (A)9 of the Rules of Racing.   Previous decisions of the Licensing Committee are detailed below.

2015 Committee Decisions