We are committed to making British Racing a safer, more supportive and more respectful environment for all.

It is vital that young people involved in racing have a positive and fulfilling experience whilst engaging in racing activities and are protected from all forms of abuse and harm. Similarly, it is important that ‘adults at risk’ also fully enjoy racing, and they too are protected.

On 13 December 2023, The BHA published an updated four-year Safeguarding and Human Welfare Strategy, which seeks to protect and promote the safety and well being of everyone involved in British Racing. Covering an initial four-year period, the strategy sets out immediate and longer-term objectives to ensure a safe, respectful, and enjoyable working environment for all, with the highest standards of behaviour and free from any kind of abuse.  The strategy is available to download here.

The BHA’S key safeguarding principles

  1. The BHA has an important role to play, and it too must have the ability to learn of safeguarding concerns, respond to them, investigate them, and take such action as might be necessary to protect Young People and Adults at Risk in the sport.
  2. The BHA will work in partnership with local authority social care teams, the police, local safeguarding partners, the Disclosure and Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland, and any other appropriate authorities/bodies in accordance with their procedures, and to enable them to carry out their statutory or other duties to investigate concerns and protect Young People and Adults at Risk in the sport.
  3. The BHA will provide appropriate support to stakeholders in racing in improving their safeguarding policies and practices, with a view to achieving high safeguarding standards across racing.
  4. The BHA will take all allegations of abuse seriously and respond swiftly and appropriately.
  5. The BHA will challenge conduct within racing that is, or might be, harmful to Young People or Adults at Risk.
  6. The BHA will support all of those involved in safeguarding cases, any affected Young People and Adults at Risk, their families, and those who report concerns to the BHA.

How to report safeguarding concerns

The BHA wishes to receive and actively encourages the making of reports of concerns relating to abuse or poor practice, and it is necessary that it receives such reports. Reports can be made to the BHA either:

Via email to [email protected]; or by telephone to the BHA Safeguarding Team on 0207 152 0099, or through the BHA Safeguarding Incident Report Form, which can be located in the resources section below.

Anonymous reporting is also available through RaceWise, the BHA’s anonymous reporting service (operated by CrimeStoppers) on 08000 852 580 or through its online reporting form at RaceWise Reporting.


Who is covered by the Safeguarding Policy?

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

This Safeguarding Policy is designed primarily to protect all participants under the age of 18 and Adults at Risk who are engaged in racing and/or related activities overseen by the BHA. Including (but not limited to) the following participants: Jockey Coaches, Owners, Riders, Riders’ Agents, Stable Staff, Trainers, Valets, and BHA employees, officials, and volunteers.

In addition to those who are not performing roles licensed or permitted by, or registered with, the BHA but who are otherwise involved in racing and/or related activities overseen by the BHA. Examples may include (but not be limited to) racecourse officials, and service providers such as veterinarians, medical staff, physiotherapists, nutritionists, farriers etc.

The BHA is also committed to supporting any other adult who may suffer from abuse and/or harm in the context of racing and related activities, even if they do not fall within the definition of ‘Adult at Risk’ as set out in the Safeguarding Policy.

What is considered under the Safeguarding Policy?

  • Harm and Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Financial Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Peer on Peer Abuse
  • Positions of Trust
  • Poor Practice

For full details of the safeguarding issues that are considered under the safeguarding policy, view the policy in the resources section below.

Safeguarding documents and resources:

Incident Report Form

To report a safeguarding concern to the BHA in confidence, please complete this simple online form. A report may include general concerns about a child’s welfare, concerns about bullying or poor practice, suspicions or allegations of misconduct or allegations of abuse.

Useful contact details and sources of further information


Email: [email protected]

Matt Mancini, BHA Lead Safeguarding Manager

Tel:  07826 552393 | Email: [email protected]

Ashlee Byrne, BHA Senior Safeguarding Officer

Telephone: 07503 565134 | Email: [email protected]

Samantha Jackson, BHA Safeguarding Officer

Telephone: 07551589038 | Email: [email protected]



Racing Welfare

24 Hour Helpline – 0800 6300 443

Text – 0786 0079 043


British Racing School

Lawrie Gillespie, Senior Designated Professional for Safeguarding

Tel: 01638 665103    Email: [email protected]

National Horseracing College

Joanne Ellis, – Senior Designated Person For Safeguarding

Tel: 01302 861020    Email: [email protected]



NSPCC Helpline

Tel:  0808 800 5000

Email:  [email protected]

Child Protection in Sport Unit

Email:  [email protected] 


Freephone:  0800 1111

Ann Craft Trust

Tel: 0115 9515400

Email: [email protected]

Protecting 16-and-17 year olds from abuse

Industry mental health support services

National Safeguarding Panel decisions

The National Safeguarding Panel (‘NSP’), which is administered by Sport Resolutions, provide a specialist, independent arbitration service to hear and adjudicate upon safeguarding cases in sport. Further information about the NSP can be found here: NSP supports National Governing Bodies in the professional management of safeguarding complaints and concerns. This covers both children and adults at risk. | Sport Resolutions

For more information around the National Safeguarding Panel and it’s decision making process, please contact: [email protected]