About equine anti-doping

The BHA’s equine anti-doping programme

Horse entering sampling box at Chepstow Racecourse.

The BHA’s Equine Anti-Doping Programme aims to safeguard the integrity of British Horseracing and the welfare of its equine participants. Fairness between participants, clarity and consistency, and the promotion of the safety and welfare of horses in the sport are of paramount importance.  

The inappropriate use of authorised medicines are a threat to the integrity of racing, it can give competitors an unfair advantage and threatens the welfare of horses and therefore is not tolerated. 

As the regulator of British racing, the BHA operates a robust system, with zero-tolerance to doping. In addition, in line with most racing jurisdictions world-wide, horses racing under the BHA Rules of Racing must do so free from the effects of any Prohibited substance or method. 

The BHA therefore ensures that the system of stringent regulation concerning Anti-Doping and medication control incorporates the essential features of education and prevention. For further information please refer to the Anti-Doping and Medication Control FAQs

What is medication control?

In accordance with Rule (D) 3  of the BHA Rules of Racing, the Responsible Person must ensure that all treatment and medication administered to a horse in their care is given in the interests of the horse’s health and welfare and justified by the horse’s medical condition.  

It is a requirement of the BHA Rules of Racing, Rule (D) 24 that a trainer is responsible for keeping a clear and accurate record of any Treatment administered to each horse in their care for at least 12 months in an Equine Medication Record Book. The record must include authorised medicines administered by a veterinary surgeon or trainer’s representative, medicines for which there are exemptions, and any supplements that are considered prohibited under the BHA Rules of Racing. 

Administration of any substance, except normal food and water is prohibited on racecourse premises and on the day of the race, unless special dispensation has been granted.

If you have a question regarding Anti-Doping & Medication Control, please visit our FAQ section . If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact the BHA Anti-Doping Department at [email protected]