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Equine Influenza

About Equine Influenza:

Equine influenza is a highly infectious disease of horses, mules and donkeys occurring globally caused by strains of Influenza A virus. It is the most potentially damaging of the respiratory viruses that occur in UK equines and disease symptoms in non–immune animals include high fever, coughing and nasal discharge.

Please see here for the latest update on equine influenza sent to Trainers, who we ask to be extra-vigilant with biosecurity.

Equine influenza can be highly contagious and – unlike other infectious diseases – can be airborne over reasonable distances as well as be transmitted indirectly, including via people. There are no known consequences for humans associated with exposure to the disease.

Cambridge University runs the equine monitoring agent for disease surveillance in the UK, funded by the Horseracing Levy Board and information is posted on their website and Twitter feeds.

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