Horseracing Industry People Board

British racing is a major employer, supporting tens of thousands of jobs and providing dedicated recruitment, training, and wellbeing services across the country, especially in rural communities.

The Horseracing Industry People Board has been established to oversee a more coordinated and long-term approach to our people – one that will help future-proof British racing by ensuring the industry is an attractive, fulfilling, safe and enjoyable place to work.

The Board will now lead the development of an ambitious people strategy, working with industry stakeholders to bring together new and existing projects in key areas such as recruitment, retention, skills development, physical and mental wellbeing, and equality, diversity and inclusion.

This approach forms a key part of the wider Industry Strategy work being led by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and will be underpinned and informed by extensive stakeholder input, engagement and expertise.

Membership and structure

The Horseracing Industry People Board consists of individuals who provide a strong balance of knowledge, experience from within and beyond the racing industry.

Chaired by Neil Hayward, members bring deep understanding and expertise in key areas like human resources, diversity and inclusion, education and employment and strategic leadership.

Horseracing Industry People Board members:

Industry engagement

Members of the Horseracing Industry People Board are currently engaging with individuals and groups from across racing and breeding to support the development of a long-term people strategy for British racing.

Racing staff are invited to join members of the Horseracing Industry People Board at upcoming consultation sessions to feedback on the current key areas of focus (outlined below). For more information or to discuss the strategy, contact [email protected].

The key areas of focus at present include:

Attracting talent

  • Increasing the number of new entrants to racing via other sports and equine disciplines
  • Supporting employers in addressing their specific recruitment and retention challenges, including through reducing the number of hard to fill vacancies
  • Improving the skills and capabilities of those working in the industry.

Learning, development and careers

  • Ensuring that working in the industry is an attractive career option
  • Making sure that qualifications are relevant to participants and employers
  • Refining the vocational training landscape.

Employment practices and culture

  • Creating a ‘people first’ culture
  • Encouraging an increased use of agile and flexible working practices.

Support and welfare

  • High quality and accessible industry-wide support provision
  • An improved quality of life and wellbeing for our people.

If you would like to know more about this work, please contact us at [email protected]

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