Board and Executive

The main role of the BHA’s Board is to provide strategic leadership and direction, and assist the Executive in delivering the BHA’s six strategic objectives. The Board is comprised of ten Directors and meets eight times per year.

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Summary Board minutes

At the BHA Board meeting in January 2020, it was agreed that summary minutes for BHA Board meetings should be published on the BHA website. These can be seen below:

January 2020 Board Meeting

3 March 2020 Board Meeting

25 March 2020 Board Meeting 

15 April 2020 Board Meeting

30 April 2020 Board Meeting

26 May 2020 Board Meeting

2 June 2020 Board Meeting

21 July 2020 Board Meeting

15 September 2020 Board Meeting

19 October 2020 Board Meeting

18 November 2020 Board Meeting

19 January 2021 Board Meeting

25 March 2021 Board Meeting

Members Committee Minutes

The Members Committee, a tripartite industry committee, is responsible for high-level strategic decisions for the sport. Minutes of Members Committee meetings can be seen below:

10 November 2020 Members Committee Meeting

2 February 2021 Members Committee Meeting

19 April 2021 Members Committee Meeting