Regulatory team

The Regulatory team is responsible for the preparation, case management and presentation of all cases before the Independent Judicial Panel.

This includes dealing with all matters referred from the racecourse and appeals. We also continuously review the Rules of Racing and associated regulations in order to research and propose necessary changes through consultation with our stakeholders. The team consists of experienced raceday executives working together with legal advisers to ensure the highest standards of regulation.

The Regulatory team is an amalgamation of the previously separate Disciplinary and Compliance departments. The merger of the two teams is aimed to ensure that all regulatory matters are dealt with consistently and fairly but ultimately robustly. The merger is ongoing but will provide for greater efficiency in case management as well as provide opportunities to continue to progress our regulatory processes.

Transparency and Consistency

The Regulatory team is committed to ensuring transparency and consistency in its approach to all cases reflecting the core values of the BHA. This includes any decision to charge with breaches of the Rules of Racing and throughout the case management process. It has fully accepted the recommendations proposed by Christopher Quinlan QC and will be implementing a disclosure policy and fast track procedure. Furthermore, the BHA will continue to review its own procedures and policies in line with its goal to be at the forefront of sports regulation.