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These eight short films discuss some of the common questions about equine welfare and are played on British racecourses to educate racegoers about the extraordinarily high standards of welfare.

The videos use the first-hand opinions and perspectives of those involved in the sport as vet and rider, alongside data and information to support their views. They showcase how horses are cared for at home, how their breeding and nature makes them ideally suited for their job and how the sport takes steps to make racing as safe as possible.

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The eight videos can be viewed here:

What is the life of a racehorse like?


Is it fair to ask horses to race?

How does racing benefit the horse and wider society?


How much importance does racing place on horse welfare?


What does the sport do to make racing as safe as possible?


What happens if a horse falls?


What happens to horses when the finish racing? (featuring Alice Plunkett)