Disqualified and Excluded persons

Anyone who is currently disqualified or excluded can be viewed below. A search can be carried out through the reason for their disqualification, or exclusion or by person.

Should any licensed person or racecourse have concerns that they have been approached by – or may be having dealings with – a person who is on this list, they should contact  the BHA who will attempt to provide guidance as to whether the person they are dealing with is excluded or disqualified from the sport.

Rule (L)53 – (L)55 outlines the restrictions placed upon a Disqualified Person. The Rule relating to Exclusion Orders is Rule (L)13. Rule (J)23 makes it an offence for any person to have any connection with a Disqualified or Excluded Person in respect of horseracing.

Debt/arrears (forfeit list)

These Persons have been disqualified as a result of Arrears due under the Rules of Racing and, as a consequence, the publication of their names on the Forfeit List.  A person’s name will remain on the List until such time as the arrears are paid.

Disciplinary panel decisions

These Persons have been disqualified or excluded as a result of a BHA Disciplinary Panel decision. The individual decisions relating to each person can be viewed at Disciplinary / Appeal Hearings.

Disciplinary officer exclusion orders

Exclusion Orders are issued by the independent Disciplinary Officer pursuant to Rule (L)13 in instances where a person’s presence on premises licensed by the BHA, or association with racing’s participants, is undesirable in the interests of racing based on their conduct .