What we do

Our Vision

Together, we’re building a brighter future for our sport, our horses and our people.

Our Mission

The British Horseracing Authority is responsible for the governance, administration and regulation of horseracing and the wider horseracing industry in Britain. The BHA leads on the development and growth of racing, and prioritises the health and welfare of the sport’s participants.

Our Culture

In a forward-thinking environment that encourages collaboration, cohesion, commitment and confidence, the BHA provides leadership for British racing that is protective of the deep traditions and proud history of the sport whilst guiding it towards a bright future.

The BHA, with a culture that respects and recognises the contributions and professionalism of its diverse people, seeks to understand, be attentive to, and be proactive in addressing the needs of its participants and wider stakeholders.

The BHA is proud to be a founding signatory of the sport’s Industry Commitment to improve diversity and inclusion. The BHA’s own Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan can be viewed here.

The BHA want to attract, recruit and nurture the best people from a wide range of backgrounds. We know the value in bringing together a variety of experiences. 

What we do

Regulation and governance

  • Keeping racing fair and clean – the BHA aims to maintain the integrity of British racing by supporting participants to comply with the rules and by dealing appropriately and effectively with rule breaches
  • Delivering competitive and compelling racing – the BHA aims to produce a fixture list and race programme that works for horsemen and racecourses and drives wider engagement in our sport

Health, development and growth of the sport

  • Securing long-term, sustainable funding for the sport – the BHA aims to represent and promote the best interests of racing with one clear voice
  • Working with others to grow the sport – the BHA aims to ensure all participant groups benefit from growth in our sport

Health and welfare of the sport’s horses and people

  • Leading on equine health and welfare – the BHA aims to prioritise the health and welfare of racehorses and sets standards to ensure they receive first-class care and attention
  • Looking after our people – the BHA aims to prioritise the well-being and development of racing’s people and supports others to make racing a great place to work

The BHA is responsible for: 

Our values


The BHA aims to do the right thing to uphold its reputation for fairness, and to maintain the trust of its stakeholders.

The BHA aims to take personal responsibility for its actions and strive to improve the health of British Racing.

The BHA aims to be open and honest about what it does, and treat everyone fairly and with respect

The BHA aims to stay in-tune with the sport’s diverse stakeholders so that it can effectively meet agreed objectives and goals.

The BHA aims to promote a forward-thinking and collaborative culture while respecting the strong heritage of British Racing as a sport and an industry.

Strategic objectives

The BHA has six strategic objectives for 2022. Find out more about the activities underpinning each strategic objective within the BHA’s Business Plan and Budget Guide.