Equine influenza updates and reminders | November 2022

18 Nov 22

Below are several updates and reminders regarding equine influenza (EI), including:

  • Vaccination interval schedules
  • Proteq vaccine – latest on supply
  • New Vaccination App verification reminder service.

The BHA would also like to draw attention to the recent increase in laboratory diagnosed EI outbreaks across Great Britain – see full details here.At present, these outbreaks are limited to unvaccinated non-thoroughbreds, but we advise extra vigilance around biosecurity and ensuring the best possible protection for your horses, in line with the Rules of Racing.

New horses entering a yard should be isolated for a period of 14 days and horses that show signs of EI – particularly rapidly spreading nasal discharge, fever and / or harsh dry cough – should be promptly investigated by your vet.

If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected].


From 1 January 2023, all horses running in Britain must be vaccinated in line with the new equine influenza vaccination intervals.

These came into effect at the beginning of 2022, with a 12-month transition period in place until 31 December 2022 to assist trainers in implementing the changes with minimal disruption.

Use the BHA’s vaccination calculator to help plan primary course and booster vaccinations.

Primary course intervals

Any horse that started a new primary course in 2022 must comply with the new intervals.

Six-monthly boosters

All horses should be fully compliant with the new intervals by 1 January 2023.

These require horses to have received a booster vaccination within the six months prior to 1 January 2023. All subsequent boosters should then be administered no more than six months apart – providing the best possible protection for the thoroughbred population.

As of 1 January 2023, race entry or confirmation of entry will not be accepted for any horse unless it has a correct vaccination record, in accordance with the new interval schedule.

From this date, horses with an interval of more than six months between boosters will be required to start a new primary course.


We have been advised that the supply issues associated with the Proteq vaccine have now been fully resolved. This is welcome news and provides reassurance for trainers and veterinary surgeons affected by disruption.

We previously issued guidance to trainers and veterinary surgeons affected by the interruptions to supply, which included a temporary relaxation around six-monthly boosters for horses starting a primary course on or after 1 January 2022.

Now that the Proteq vaccine supply has been fully restored, we are lifting the temporary relaxation and ask that trainers and veterinary surgeons ensure all horses are vaccinated in accordance with the new vaccination intervals detailed above.

Please note: Rules may vary internationally, so if sending a horse abroad, please check with the jurisdiction in question to ensure compliance with their requirements.


All equine influenza vaccination records must be verified by a veterinary surgeon using the Weatherbys Vaccination App. This is essential, as trainers are unable to make an entry for the horse in question until the verification process has been completed.

Currently, veterinary surgeons receive a daily email reminder to verify any outstanding vaccinations in the App. This is sent at approximately 4pm.

From 29 November, this will be increased to two daily email reminders – one at 8am and the second at 4pm. This means that if a trainer uploads vaccinations after 4pm, the vet will be made aware and have time to verify the records before entries close the following day.

In addition, trainers will also start to receive email reminders following vaccination upload: the first at 8am, another one 24 hours later, and then every 48 hours, alerting them to any vaccinations that are awaiting veterinary approval.

These changes will hopefully reduce the likelihood of horses not being qualified to run because the verification process is still outstanding.