It is important to us at the BHA that we encourage team spirit and we offer a variety of team opportunities throughout the organisation, here are just a few examples of giving something back or how to get involved…..

  • Netball Team (BHA Bouncers)
  • Cricket TeamBHA bouncers
  • Football Team
  • BodyWork – Massages and reflexology in the workplace (London based)
  • Company Racedays
  • RCA Badges – VIP trips to the races
  • Christmas party
  • Charity fundraising events

Reasons to work for the BHA

Gain experience of the racing industry

Be part of one of the leading sports regulator in the world

Have the ability to make a difference to racing

Become part of an unique culture with a committed team

Join a passionate and supportive workforce

Be presented with a fantastic platform to begin a career in racing

We asked our workforce

  • "Friendly, passionate and knowledgeable, approachable people"
  • "Race day officials are all a good bunch of people who take their jobs seriously but also enjoy their work"
  • "Working for the BHA and in racing is not just a job"
  • "Good team spirit. Excellent leadership"
  • "Teams have a strong sense of loyalty to one another and people are not just colleagues, they are friends, which makes for a good environment to spend the majority of your time in"
  • "Horseracing itself is a magical sport and people want to work here because of the job we do and what we are involved in - not every industry can boast that. It gives a unique sense of achievement and pride, particularly on a big day when it all comes together and you see the wider public enjoying racing"
  • "Having the freedom and support to make important decisions that you know will have a positive effect"
  • "British racing is the best in the world and to be involved and work in the industry is a privilege"
  • "The environment I work in and the colleagues I work with. I am doing my dream job"
  • "It is a unique industry with a desire to provide a daily spectacle"
  • "We work in a wonderful industry with involvement in some of the greatest sporting events which the UK holds"
  • "Contributing to a sport I feel passionately about"