Result of an appeal (Martin Lane) heard by the Disciplinary Panel on Thursday 26 June

26 Jun 2014 Disciplinary Panel - Appeals against decisions on a Racecourse

The Disciplinary Panel of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) on 26 June 2014 considered an appeal lodged by Martin Lane, the rider of ARCHDUCHESS, placed second in the All New Selling Stakes, against the decision of the Stewards at Lingfield Park on 21 June 2014 to suspend him for three days. The suspension was as a result of a finding of a breach of Rule (B)67.4.3 of the Rules of Racing in that he had weighed in at 2lb or more over the weight at which he had weighed out.

The Panel considered evidence from Lane, who was legally represented.

The Panel noted that on the facts of the case, Lane had failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that he weighed in less than 2lbs above the weight at which he weighed out, in that:

i. his displayed weight weighing out was 119.5lbs which was rounded down to 119lbs;

ii. he knew a chamois and a non-slip pad was to be used which would absorb moisture;

iii. he did not, nor did he ask his valet, to check the size of the chamois, nor wet it, before weighing out, and

iv. he knew the length of the race and the weather conditions.

The Panel therefore found Lane in breach of Rule (B)67.4.3 and dismissed his appeal. It confirmed the suspension of three days on Sunday 6, Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 July 2014 inclusive. It ordered that the deposit be returned.

Notes to editors:

1. The Panel for the appeal was: Philip Curl (Chair), Didi Powles, Celina Carter

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