10 May 2016

Catterick Bridge Racecourse


The Disciplinary Panel of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) on Friday 6 May 2016 held an enquiry to consider whether or not Catterick Racecourse Company Limited, the Managing Executive of Catterick Bridge Racecourse, had committed a breach of Rule (F)15.2.3 of the Rules of Racing in the light of BHAGI 3.4 paragraph 8, titled “Course Layout – Running Rails”, in that checks of the slip rail were not carried out prior to the running of the Racing UK Club Day Here Today Novices’ Hurdle Race on 1 March 2016 resulting in the race being run with part of the rail down.


The BHA case was presented by Lyn Williams and the Managing Executive, who were not in attendance, had submitted written submissions regarding the incident.


Mr Williams submitted that the necessary checks that are required between races had not been carried out prior to the 5th race. The Executive had received a caution on 18 February 2016 following a report received by the BHA that there had been a gap in the running rail on 5 February 2016 during the Conditional Jockeys’ Handicap Hurdle Race.


The Panel also noted the following written submissions made by the Managing Executive:


•    That at the Steward’s Enquiry on the day into “why a short section of slip rail was not in position at the start of the race”, however, after further investigation by the Executive, it could find no evidence that the rail was not actually in position when the race started and that it had been dislodged during the race by gusts of wind;


•    That by the time the runners in the race passed the point on the second circuit where the slip rail had been dislodged, the rail had been put back into position by the racecourse staff who would have noticed it was out of position before the race started;


•    That internal investigations had been carried out to ensure that, as far as possible, there was no repetition of this incident and new slip rails had been purchased.


The Panel noted that the Executive had admitted the breach in part in that the required checks were not made prior to the 5th race, however, it did not admit that the running rail was not in place at the start of the race which had been found following a Steward’s Enquiry held after the race on 1 March 2016.


Having considered the evidence, the Panel found that the Executive was in breach of Rule (F)15.2.3 and fined the Executive £3,500.


David Mansell


The Disciplinary Panel of the BHA on 6 May 2016 held an enquiry to consider an objection to FREYA STAR (IRE), ridden by Mr David Mansell, placed fourth in The Jockey Club and The Epicurean Open Maiden Race for Mares and Fillies Only at the Tedworth Hunt Point to Point on 10 April 2016, on the grounds that the mare did not jump the final fence, and therefore did not complete the course as required under Regulation 122 (iii).  After the race the rider also failed to present himself to weigh in, as required under Regulation 130 (i).


The Panel noted that the BHA was satisfied that no disciplinary action should be taken against Mr Mansell under Regulation 130 (i) as he did not weigh in or even attempt to weigh in because he did not jump the last fence. Also, that Scales did not advise the Stewards and the weighed in was announced.


Having considered the evidence, the Panel found that FREYA STAR (IRE) had missed the final fence and therefore a breach of Regulation 122 (iii) had occurred and therefore disqualified FREYA STAR (IRE) from the race, placing FIREING PIN fourth.


Notes to Editors:
1. The Panel for the enquiries was: Philip Curl (Chair), Celina Carter, Diana Powles