Do horses still get injured?

14 Jun 18

As with any sport, those taking part do sometimes suffer injury, but it is important to note that 99.58% of runners in British racing complete their race without incurring any long-term injury.

Despite British Racing’s excellent safety record, we never rest on our laurels, constantly investing in research and education into welfare. Over the last twenty years, concerted efforts across the sport has seen an already low equine fatality rate drop by a further third to just 0.18%.

Since the year 2000, British Racing has invested £35 million in veterinary research and education. For example, recent BHA funded research has resulted in the introduction of padded hurdles, which are being rolled out across British racecourse and have proven to further reduce faller rates and injury rates.

It’s also important to note that studies have shown that sport horses are at no greater risk of injury when running and jumping than when turned out in the field – a recent study by Liverpool University found that 62% of traumatic injuries in sport horses occurred in the field, compared to 13% while being ridden in competition.