How and when do other cases come before the Disciplinary Panel?

09 Jun 14

A case starts out as an investigation that is conducted by the Integrity team. Depending on the incident or issue, an Investigating Officer will conduct enquiries, including interviews and visits to licensed premises to ascertain whether or not there has been a breach of the Rules of Racing. If it transpires that there may have been a breach, the Investigating Officers will compile all of the evidence from their enquiries and pass it over to the Compliance team who will do a full review of all of the evidence to ensure that there is enough evidence to support a potential breach of one or more Rules. Once the Compliance team have prepared the necessary paperwork, charges are then sent out.  An independent Disciplinary Officer is involved throughout the investigative and compliance process to ensure that the BHA do not act outside of the remit of their jurisdiction, or unfairly when pursuing potential charges. Once charges have been issued, a date is set for the case to come before the Disciplinary Panel.