Jump races – What does a false start entail?

15 Apr 19

If Jockeys line up and commence to move forward before the Starter raises his/her flag or approach the start at faster than a jig jog before the tape is released and flag lowered, the Starter will wave their flag to indicate that the race will not be started and the field must pull up. The Advance Flag Operator (AFO) will also wave their flag to enable riders furthest away from the Starter to understand that the race will not be started.

Should the field be unable to pull up, the tape may be released for safety reasons but the Starter will continue to wave his/her flag and declare a false start which will be reciprocated by the AFO.

If the race is not started at the first attempt, the field will regroup at the marker poles and a standing start to the satisfaction of the Starter will be effected by tape and flag. There will not be a further attempt at a walk-in start and runners will not be sent back further than is necessary to regroup at the marker poles.