Jump races – What are the starting procedures?

29 Apr 14

When girths are checked, horses will walk around on the course some distance back from the Start. However, no start will be effected if the runners are too far back. It is envisaged that they will be approximately 25 – 30 yards maximum from the start line. When the Starter, who will be at the top of the rostrum, wishes the field to walk forward he/she will raise their flag to indicate this and give voice instructions to the riders. The AFO will simultaneously raise their flag which should also be visible to all Jockeys. Having raised the flag, only the Starter will issue instructions to the riders. The field must come forward at a walk and no faster than a jig jog.

The start will be effected by the simultaneous release of the tape and dropping of the flag when the field have approached the Starter in such a way that he is satisfied that the start will be safe and fair.

Races will not be started if the field line up and commence to move forward before the Starter raises his flag or approach the start at faster than a jig jog before the tape is released and flag lowered.