What are the dimensions of a Fence?

12 Jun 14

Fences may vary in height from a minimum (at the time of pre-season BHA inspection) of 4 feet 6 inches measured on the take-off side. All the fences on any one course are to be of the same materials; these may be:

a) all birch, or;

b) birch with the bottom brought out with spruce, or other material approved by the Inspector of Courses, to a maximum of 3 feet 6 inches up the face of the fence.

Fences are to be built on a base between 6 feet and 6 feet 6 inches in depth measured from the front of the take-off board to a point on the ground directly below the extreme back of the fence. The slope of the fence, with or without an apron, must reduce the thickness at the top to not less than 1 foot 6 inches (at the time of pre-season inspection). The top of the fence may be slightly rounded off from the take-off side. Take-off boards are painted light matt orange.