What does the Judge do after a race?

29 Apr 14

As the first four horses cross the line (or first five if the race is a handicap of 16 or more runners), the Judge will identify and record the finishing order using the colour coding system they have put in place before the race. This is done primarily by eye but in doing so they will call for a Photofinish when the distance between two placed horses (especially where betting is involved) appears to be a head or less. The result is then confirmed with the photo-finish kit and operator and

once the result is determined, it is immediately announced to the public, giving the distances between the first three placed horses, as well as the official time of the winning horse for a Flat race or where electronic timing is in use over Jumps (all of which are electronically timed from the stalls opening or the lead horse crossing a break beam at the start over Jumps to the winner hitting the finishing line).

The result is then confirmed with the Stewards and to the Clerk of the Scales, who will weigh in returning jockeys as appropriate.