Will I need an ECMT permit?

11 Apr 19

ECMT permits are required by third country hauliers to operate within the EU. DfT’s expectation is that hauliers should not need an ECMT permit to continue doing a range of business in all, or much of the EU, even in the event of no deal. The Government has put in place a scheme to allocate these permits, as detailed under the Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Act 2018. UK hauliers have been applying for ECMT permits and the Government announced the initial results of the allocation to UK hauliers on 8 February.

As DfT expects UK hauliers to have other means of ensuing market access to the EU, hauliers will be allowed a period of time before these permits need to be formally taken and paid for. This approach has been agreed with road haulage stakeholders. The 2018 Act provides appropriate arrangements for distributing any new permits which may be required under any future bilateral arrangements, if these are needed.