17 Mar 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

Following the approval of the new Guidelines for the Development of New Racecourses, published by BHB in September 1998, the Board has been formulating what it considers to be the most appropriate and equitable procedure for applications for new fixtures for new racecourses to be reviewed.
The procedure is spelt out in the notice below:
Following publication of the British Horseracing Board’s Guidelines for the Development of New Racecourses (the “”Guidelines””) dated September 1998, the Directors of BHB intend later this year to consider the possible availability in 2001/2002 of new fixtures for new racecourses (as defined in the Guidelines).
The Board will be considering the position after 1st September 1999 and accordingly applications by new racecourses for new fixtures in 2001/2002 must be received by BHB by 5.00pm on Tuesday, 31st August 1999. Any applications received after that deadline will not be eligible for consideration for 2001/2002.
All persons interested in making such an application should write to Paul Greeves, Racing Director, The British Horseracing Board, 42 Portman Square, London W1H 0EN for further information about the procedure to be adopted and the documentation taking into account the Guidelines.
The Board is satisfied that such a procedure is the fairest and most equitable way of dealing with applications for new fixtures, and that such a procedure is in the best interests of Racing generally. The above notice, informing applicants for new fixtures of the new procedure for 2001/2002, will appear in The Racing Calendar and the Racing Post. Full details are also being distributed to all known potential applicants.