BHA announces revised safeguarding measures for British racing

24 Feb 2022 BHA Features Welfare

The BHA has today announced revised safeguarding measures for British racing, which are focused on protecting the sport’s most vulnerable participants.

Revised policy and regulations have been approved by the Rules Committee of the BHA and seek to ensure that ‘Together, we build a brighter future for our sport’ by implementing a series of strategic objectives.

Those are:

  • Leadership – Embedding a culture of safeguarding across British racing, with the BHA Board championing safeguarding throughout our values and priorities;
  • Governance – Establishing a strong governance framework to support our safeguarding arrangements by ensuring BHA Board members and staff are clear about their responsibilities and regulation is consistent with legislation, government guidance and good practice;
  • Prevention – Taking all reasonable steps to create an environment where it is as difficult as possible for any abuse, exploitation or mistreatment of children and at-risk adults to take place;
  • Protection – Promoting and protecting safety and welfare by working with stakeholders to strengthen our safeguarding arrangements and to share good practice across the sport;
  • Empowerment and education – Committing to raise safeguarding awareness and empowering all participants to identify and report concerns.

These revised measures will sit alongside the BHA’s Safeguarding Code of Conduct, with an improved visitor experience on the Safeguarding page of the BHA’s website designed to make key safeguarding messages easier to understand, and advice more accessible to those searching.Matt Mancini, Lead Safeguarding Manager for the BHA, said: “If we are to ensure a brighter future for our sport, we must seek to attract the interest and participation of young people, and it is vital that those individuals and their families see racing as providing a positive and fulfilling experience, and a place in which they are protected from all forms of abuse and harm.“Likewise, at-risk adults must also be able to enjoy their interactions with racing in the knowledge that they too are protected by the sport they love.“British racing has already undertaken vital work in this area and we have seen the steps taken around safeguarding act as a springboard for a cultural change within the sport. Conversations have been started that have led to unacceptable behaviour being called out, individuals feeling empowered and standards of behaviour raised as an understanding of expectations has become more embedded.“This latest development ensures racing is at the forefront among sports when it comes to safeguarding, placing the topic front and centre of everything the BHA does and hopes to achieve.”Notes to editors:1. The BHA’s safeguarding policy can be found here, and its safeguarding regulations here.2. More on the BHA’s Safeguarding Code of Conduct can be found here.