BHA launches @BHAStewards twitter feed

01 Feb 2018 BHA Features Racecourse Racing/Fixtures

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today launched a new Twitter account –  @BHAStewards – which will communicate information directly from the stewards room to social media audiences.

The aim of the account is to provide the public and media with information directly from the racecourse, and to combine all of the updates, decisions and developments which go through the stewards’ room on a raceday in one place.

The account will inform followers when information such as stewards enquiry notices and race reports are placed on the BHA website, and provide updates such as changes of race information, inspections and other useful raceday information when it is reported to or considered by the Stewards.

Robin Mounsey, BHA Head of Media, said:

“We are aware that there are currently many different sources of information which racegoers, participants and the betting public must use in order to remain fully up to speed with events on raceday.

“This twitter account is designed to make everyone’s life just a little bit easier by pushing out all the information which flows through the stewards room into one handy social media feed.  It will help us to be more open, transparent and put important information at people’s fingertips.”

A particular benefit of the account will be ensuring that the public and media are aware when stewards’ enquiry notices relating to contentious decisions are placed on the website. The BHA is aware that after major incidents there is a desire for information and explanations, and this social media feed ensures that its followers will be alerted as soon as these explanations have been posted online.

The BHA’s main twitter account, @BHAPressOffice, will continue to be the main source of general information and BHA news, with the @BHAStewards feed acting as a raceday information source only.

Notes to editors:

  1. The @BHAStewards account can be viewed here.
  2. The account will take the form of a data feed only, and will not engage in any debate or comment on decisions made by the Stewards.

The BHA’s main twitter feed, @BHAPressOffice, and our dedicated [email protected] email addresses should remain the primary method of contacting the BHA digitally.

  1. The account will not be “live” tweeting the results of stewards’ enquiries, but instead the purpose of the account is to make sure that followers are aware when the stewards’ reasons for their decisions are posted online.