BHA statement on Appeal Board decision (Jim Best) 24 May 2016

24 May 2016

BHA statement

The BHA notes the Appeal Board’s decision to order a rehearing. It takes full responsibility and apologises for the fact that the non-disclosure of Mr Lohn’s other paid work created an appearance of bias which led to the need for a rehearing.


While there was no suggestion of any actual bias in this case, the BHA now accepts that it was an error not to disclose details of Mr Lohn’s other paid work.


Nick Rust, Chief Executive, said;
“While the BHA’s Disciplinary Panels do not constitute judicial proceedings – we appoint members to Disciplinary Panels and we pay them to carry out their duties – our processes must not only be fair, but, particularly relevant in this case, be seen to be fair.

“As we have already committed to, we will issue a full statement once the case is closed. In the meantime we will not make any further comment that might prejudice the outcome of the rehearing.”