19 Apr 2011 Pre-2014 Releases

Professor Tim Morris, Director of Equine Science and Welfare for the BHA, said:

“As we have already said, every year there is a review that takes place after Aintree, where we look at how we can realistically reduce the risk in the Grand National further – this is perhaps more important than ever bearing in mind the public response to this years race. We are of course leading on this , as we should as horseracing’s regulator, although it is also the job of Aintree racecourse, and we will continue to work with animal welfare groups as well as seeking feedback from racing’s participants.

“We are aware of, and listening to, the concerns and suggestions that have been raised and will continue to strive to reduce risk, whether that is in specific relation to the Grand National or in any other race. It is vital that any changes that are made are only done after thorough considered investigation – we need to be aware of any unintended consequences of changes. To repeat what we have said before, at this stage it would be wrong for us to rule anything in or out, wrong to not work from the facts and wrong to have a knee jerk reaction.”