BHA statement regarding the result of the 1:50pm at Sandown

09 Mar 2019 BHA Features Racing/Fixtures

The incorrect result was initially given in the 1.50pm at Sandown this afternoon announcing One For Rosie as the winner. The photo finish image that was sent to the Judge, and then subsequently to the Stewards, by the racecourse photo finish operator was from a camera which had been left  focused on the winning line for the chase course.

There are two cameras in operation, a primary and a secondary, which were tested by the operator as part of routine pre-race checks on both winning lines prior to racing. The primary camera was then not correctly re-aligned to focus on the winning line for the hurdles course.

An initial provisional result was given, shortly after which it was picked up through additional verification procedures by the Judge that the wrong image had been sent by the racecourse photo finish operator.

The result was then corrected to announce Third Wind as the winner, prior to the “weighed in” signal being given and the result becoming official.

Although the result is only official once the “weighed in” signal is given and the result was corrected prior to this, we are aware of the impact this will have on those bookmakers who settle bets based on the “fast” unofficial result, which is the one initially announced.

We will be investigating this incident thoroughly as a matter of priority to understand all of the circumstances involved, this will include engagement with the external racecourse contractors who operate the photo finish system.