17 Jul 2012 Pre-2014 Releases

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today written to the National Trainers Federation (NTF) advising them that no further action will be taken against the trainers who – according to statements made by Charlie Mann – deliberately declared their horses to run at Worcester on 11th July and thereafter created a walkover by ensuring that all but one horse was a non-runner. However, it was also made clear that any repeat of the incident would lead to charges being brought against those involved.

Jamie Stier, Director of Raceday Operations and Regulation for the BHA, said:

“We have written to the NTF confirming that no further action will be taken, while also requesting that they advise their members that a repeat would result in charges being brought for acting in a manner prejudicial to the proper conduct and reputation of horseracing. Quite apart from the direct impact on the owners and trainers of the 19 horses who were balloted out, thereby removing any chance of their being able to run, the BHA considers the trainers’ actions to be disrespectful to the race-going and betting public.

“We have asked the NTF to advise their members that, should they wish to continue to protest about levels of prize money, they should find a way of doing so which does not involve abusing the race entry and declaration process or any other Rules of Racing upon which the proper conduct of horseracing depends. If there is a repeat of the incident, the BHA will not hesitate to bring charges under Rule (A)30.1 or any other relevant Rules.

“Finally, we also requested that the NTF remind trainers that it is the BHA’s goal to ensure that there is a framework recognised across the industry, and embedded in the Rules if necessary, that provides horsemen with a fair and appropriate share of all the revenues generated within Racing. The BHA is committed to working towards this goal with the objective of achieving the desired outcomes at the earliest possible time.”