15 Mar 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Commenting on the SIS advertisement in toda?_x0019_s Racing Post, BHB Managing Director, Commercial Nigel Smith said today:

“We are in no doubt that SIS’s blatant attempt to divide and rule the racing industry will fail.

“The fact that SIS has made this offer indicates how much bookmakers want to have British Racing’s product, but our industry will not allow that product to be used for a price that does not represent its true value to the betting industry. SIS’s offer falls well short of any sensible valuation of Racing’s rights.

“SIS’s offer is also flawed in two key respects. First, BHB holds the rights to pre-race data, and so SIS is offering to pay racecourses for something which they themselves are not in a position to provide and, secondly, any company wishing to supply pre-race data can only do so with a licence from BHB. SIS does not currently have one.

“We also remind all bookmakers that, if they intend to use British Racing’s data from 1st May, they will require a licence from BHB.”