24 Sep 1998 Pre-2014 Releases

“The terms of reference and membership of the British Horseracing Board National Hunt and Fixture Review Group, under the Chairmanship of BHB Director David Oldrey, are announced today.
Terms of Reference
The Group has been asked to make recommendations to the Board by 31st March 1999 with an interim report by the end of 1998.
The Terms of Reference are:
“”a) to assess the progress made as a result of implementation of the recommendations of the 1993 National Hunt Review Group, comparing the state of National Hunt racing then and now;
b) to identify the optimum sustainable balance between National Hunt, Turf Flat and All Weather Fixtures, with a view to maximising the development potential of the three codes of racing;
c) to identify, following examination of funding arrangements generally and the Fixture Incentive Scheme in particular , the appropriate distribution of funds between National Hunt and Flat racing (including All Weather racing) required to support (b) above.””
The membership of the Group is as follows:
David Oldrey – Chairman

Nigel Clark – Vice Chairman, Race Planning Committee (RPC) member and Jump Pattern Panel (JPP) Chairman

Andrew Parker Bowles – BHB Director with special interest in All Weather racing

Adrian Pratt – BHB Director

Paul Greeves – Racing Director, BHB

Joey Newton – Jockey Club Racecourse Steward and Point-to-Points

Adrian Grazebrook – RPC member and ROA representative

Mrs Morag Gray – RPC member and RCA representative (alternate: Ian Renton – JPP member)
Edward Gillespie – RCA representative

Lord Huntingdon – RPC member and Chairman of NTF Flat Panel (alternate: Peter Calver – Trainer)

Toby Balding – JPP member and Chairman of NTF Jumping Panel

Jim McGrath – JPP member and member of the Media (Timeform)

Nigel Elwes – RPC member and Chairman TBA (alternate; Charles Wilson – Chairman of TBA National Hunt Committee)

Michael Caulfield – JAGB Secretary

John Smee – Race Planning Executive, BHB

Jason Morris (Secretary) – Research Supervisor, BHB

Those named in brackets above will act as alternates to nominees for meetings directed solely to the specialised task of reviewing NH race programmes.