09 Jul 2004 Pre-2014 Releases

BHB Recruitment and Training Director Fiona Birt-Llewellin will be leaving BHB for a new opportunity that has arisen in the commercial recruitment industry.

She said today: “The decision to move on was difficult for me to reach. The last year has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable and I am sorry that I will not be able to see through to fruition the work being undertaken to ensure that Racing and Breeding have the well-skilled workforces that they require.

“Much of my time at BHB has been spent working with the Stable and Stud Staff Commission whose report will, I am sure, prove to be as important for Racing and Breeding as any other recent initiative. The Commission’s findings and recommendations have my complete support.”

BHB Chief Executive Greg Nichols said: “We will be very sad to see Fiona go. She has quickly become a popular and respected executive in the sport and she can look back on a job very well done as Secretary to the Stable and Stud Staff Commission. We hope to appoint her successor as soon as possible.”


Fiona Birt-Llewellin was appointed as BHB’s first Recruitment and Training Director in May 2003 after the BHB Board’s agreement to a significant enhancement of BHB’s commitment to staff training and recruitment in the light of a priority recommendation by the BHB Racing Review Committee.

Her responsibilities include recruitment and training strategy, the central direction and determination of training requirements and the allocation of funds from industry sources. She acted as Secretary to the independent Stable and Stud Staff Commission, which was set up by BHB in July 2003 and reported in June 2004.