10 Nov 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

The British Horseracing Board has approved a significant change to the Code of Conduct which has governed the Jockeys’ Sponsorship Scheme since its launch in February 1999. This change will increase the degree of choice available to owners when deciding whether to take part in Jockeys’ Sponsorship.
Under the present Code, an owner may choose either to take part in the Scheme in its entirety or to register a right of non-participation, which prevents a jockey engaged by that owner from carrying the branding of any sponsor in any race.
From 1st February 2000, the new Code will permit an owner who has registered a right of non-participation to take part in major Group Sponsorship Schemes only without prejudice to that right. To qualify, a Group Scheme will need to be of at least three months duration and involve at least 51% of fully licensed Flat or National Hunt jockeys.
The move follows a review by the Board of the operation of the Scheme during its first year. The review was conducted in consultation with interested parties, including: the Racehorse Owners Association, the Jockeys Association of Great Britain, the Jockey Club, the National Trainers Federation, the Racecourse Association, the Horseracing Sponsors Association and Weatherbys.
A second edition of the Code of Conduct, incorporating the Group Scheme provisions and other minor amendments, will be published next month and will take effect from 1st February 2000.
BHB Communications Director, Peter Bell, said:
“”The new arrangement on Group Sponsorship Schemes will be helpful to both owners and jockeys. A number of owners have indicated to us that they opted for non-participation because they were concerned about the possible emergence of future sponsors who would be unacceptable to them. They said they would welcome the opportunity to take part in Jockeys’ Sponsorship if their participation could be limited to known Group Sponsors, such as the Tote. From the jockeys’ point of view, the new rule obviously has the potential to increase the overall number of owners taking part in the Scheme and thus to increase sponsorship income.””

* The text of the new provision on Group Sponsorship Schemes is attached.

* A complete version of the new Code of Conduct will be published next month.

* For further information, contact Peter Bell on 0171-343-3322

(From 1st February 2000)

Group Sponsorship Schemes

From 1st February 2000, an owner who has registered a right of non-participation in the Jockeys’ Sponsorship Scheme may, without prejudice to such general non-participation, elect, with respect to all horses owned by him/her, to take part in specified Group Sponsorship Schemes.
A Group Sponsorship Scheme will be deemed by the BHB to exist when:

* Fifty one per cent (51%) or more of all fully licensed professional Jockeys (either Flat or National Hunt) have registered contracts under the terms of this Code.

* with a single sponsor

* for a specified period of time not less than three calendar months.

The total number of fully licensed jockeys from which the 51% is calculated will be that recorded by Weatherbys at the time the relevant Group Sponsorship Scheme is approved by the BHB.
No more than one Group Sponsorship Scheme under each Code (Flat and National Hunt) will be approved by the BHB to run concurrently.
Participation in a Group Sponsorship Scheme means that an owner’s exercise of the right of non-participation is modified, for the duration of the Group Sponsorship Scheme, to permit Jockeys riding any such owner’s horse to carry only the branding of such a Group Sponsor.
An owner who wishes to take part in a Group Sponsorship Scheme under the terms of this provision will be required to communicate such an intention in writing to Weatherbys. A minimum of seven days notice will be required after notification is received by Weatherbys before participation in such a Group Scheme becomes effective. Agreement to participate in a Group Scheme may not subsequently be withdrawn before the termination date of the Group Scheme, but may be withdrawn after such termination date.
A Group Sponsor and/or the JAGB may, at the discretion of the BHB and at their own expense, use the services of Weatherbys to communicate with relevant owners for the purposes of informing them about the existence of the Group Scheme and inviting them without any other pre-conditions (other than compliance with this Code) to take part in the Scheme.