29 Nov 2000 Pre-2014 Releases

“BHB Secretary-General Tristram Ricketts, commenting on the Consultation Paper on the Proposed Abolition of the Horserace Betting Levy Board and the Licensing of Racecourse Betting and Pool Betting on Horseracing, issued by the Home Office today, said :

“We warmly welcome this important step towards the abolition of the levy.

“We are particularly pleased that the Government is satisfied that BHB’s Future Funding Plan will provide a solid basis for the financing of the racing industry post-levy. The Government’s confirmation of BHB as the successor central funding body to the Levy Board further reinforces the need, identified in the Funding Plan, for BHB itself to have adequate resources to fulfil effectively those funding responsibilities which BHB will be taking over from the Levy Board. The Government makes very clear the importance which it attaches to key expenditure heads such as integrity, veterinary research, training and education and support for breeds of horses: these and other heads will continue to require significant investment.

“Government support for the transfer of both the Capital Fund and the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory to BHB, as recommended by the Board, is also most welcome.

“BHB will look carefully, with the RCA and other interested parties, at the proposals for the regulation of on-course betting. It will also review, in detail, the plans for the licensing of pool betting following the sale of the Tote to a Racing Trust.

“Much progress has been made since the initial Government announcement in March. BHB will continue to play a full part in maintaining the momentum towards the legislation which is needed to give early effect to the abolition of the levy and the sale of the Tote.”

For further information, contact Tristram Ricketts on 020 7343 3312