27 Feb 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Blood Samples Test Negative For Epo

Published: 27 February 2002

Speaking about the testing in training undertaken yesterday, Peter Webbon, The Jockey Club Veterinary Director, said today:

“This was principally an exercise to deal with the well publicised allegations of the use of EPO (erythropoietin) in racehorses. Samples from 408 horses were collected yesterday – about 8% of the National Hunt horses currently registered in training – and, following the use of well proven screening techniques, HFL (the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory) have informed us that all the samples tested negative for EPO. I hope that these results will serve to reassure the racing public.

“We have spoken to the five trainers concerned and told them that the tests were all negative. We have thanked them for their co-operation during the collecting of the samples and apologised if we caused any disruption to their training programmes.

“In keeping with normal practice in the laboratory, the negative samples will be retained and maybe used for routine research purposes only.

“The Jockey Club will continue its programme of unannounced visits to trainers yards, both large and small, for the purposes of testing horses in training and we shall continue to monitor samples for the presence of EPO.”

27th February 2002