British Racing comes together to launch new All In The Race campaign

05 Jul 2022 BHA Features

Today, British racing launches a new campaign – All In The Race – to visibly demonstrate its ambition to continue to improve the diversity and inclusivity of the sport and illustrate how racing will directly benefit by achieving this.

The All In The Race campaign has been led by the Diversity in Racing Steering Group (DiRSG) and is now being rolled out with the aim of being supported and shared by everyone across the sport.

The centre of the campaign is a one-minute video which features the many elements of the racing community with a powerful voice over, concluding “…it’s better when we’re All In the Race”. In addition, there are three supporting animations focusing on how racing is working to encourage people with brave ideas, safe crowd spaces for all racegoers, and attracting the best talent into the sport.

Those who feature in the film include jockeys, trainers, racing staff and members of racing staff working in yards, racecourse personnel, figures from the racing media and administration of the sport, as well as racegoers and members of Ebony Horse Club.

The DiRSG would like to thank all those who feature in the All In The Race film, and supporting animations, as well as Edmonds Elder, the creative agency who produced the assets, and The Racing Foundation for their continued support of the DiRSG’s work.

Getting involved to support the All In The Race Campaign

The DiRSG ask the wider sport to get behind this campaign by sharing the video and animations. In addition, everyone in racing can play their part in making the sport more inclusive. Here are three ideas we can all undertake:

  • Signing up to the Diversity and Inclusion Industry Commitment: “We have signed up…. Have you?” Is your organisation one of the 30 in British racing who have signed up? Because it’s better when we are #ALLINTHERACE. More details can be found here, and you can read the Industry Commitment here, or email [email protected] for further information;
  • Completing the Diversity and Inclusion E-Learning: Learn how you can become more inclusive and therefore more successful, complete the E-learning here: D&I (;
  • Putting the E-Learning into Action: Once you have done the training – put it into action! Move from being a passive ally (“I don’t care if someone’s gay/straight, black/white, male/female”) to a proactive advocate (actively supporting those from marginalised groups and challenging discriminatory behaviour) and build better relationships with people different from you.

British racing will continue to support and fund existing initiatives working to improve diversity and inclusion. This includes continuing to the excellent work of organisations including Women in Racing, Racing with Pride, Autism in Racing, Step on Track, Racing Pathway, and the Riding a Dream Academy, amongst others.

Susannah Gill, Chair of the Diversity in Racing Steering Group, said: “The All In The Race campaign aims to unite everyone in the sport on the progress we are making in improving the inclusivity of the sport, and the huge opportunity this provides for the future of British racing. We hope the racing community will embrace the campaign and support it across social media. On behalf of the Diversity in Racing Steering Group, I would like to say thank you to the huge number of people who feature in the film and animations, as well as those who have provided their feedback during the creative process.

“With so many other brilliant people, initiatives and organisations across the sport, the Diversity in Racing Steering Group will continue to work to fulfil our vison where British racing is a diverse and inclusive sport in which everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential and where fans from all communities feel welcome.

“We are all part of making this vision a reality and the whole sport will tangibly benefit as a result, as is demonstrated by the All In The Race campaign.”

Rob Hezel, Chief Executive of The Racing Foundation, said: “The Racing Foundation is delighted to see the launch of the All In The Race campaign and hopes everyone across the sport will get behind supporting it. It is vital for the long-term social and economic sustainability of British racing that we all work together to continue to improve the inclusivity of the sport. We look forward to continuing to support the Diversity in Racing Steering Group and the many excellent initiatives being led across the sport.”

Notes to editors:

The All In The Race film assets can be found here:

In addition to the film itself the following assets have been produced for social media platforms which focus on different elements of the campaign:

Bravest Ideas
“We want people with the bravest ideas to be part of an exciting future for British racing. #ALLINTHERACE”

“We want to ensure everyone feels welcome to become part of British racing in whatever way they choose to engage with the sport. #ALLINTHERACE”

Best Talent
“We want people with the best talent, wherever they come from, to be part of British racing – now and in the future. #ALLINTHERACE”

For further details please contact Naomi Howgate, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at [email protected] or +44(0)7425 156 344

Formed in 2017, the Diversity in Racing Steering Group (DiRSG) is an independent voluntary body providing strategic direction, advice and support to British Racing to help progress diversity and inclusion. Its work is reviewed and supported by the industry’s Members’ Committee, which comprises leaders from racecourses, participants and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).