26 Sep 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

Doncaster Ebf Nursery – Result to Stand

Published: 26 September 2001

After careful examination of the Rules in question, the Stewards of the Jockey Club are of the view that the E.B.F. Carrie Red Fillies’ Nursery, run at Doncaster on Wednesday 12th September, should not be declared void, and that the result be allowed to stand.

The matter was referred to the Jockey Club by the Doncaster Stewards following their enquiry into the race being started from the incorrect position and being run over a distance of 6 furlongs rather than 6 ½ furlongs.

Had an objection been lodged prior to the announcement of “weighed-in”, the racecourse stewards would have had to have declared the race void under Rule 170 (iv). However, objections under that rule are only considered if made before the “weighed-in” announcement.

September 26th 2001

Notes for Editors:

1. The last time anything similar occurred was at Warwick in June 1999. On that occasion it was brought to the attention of the Jockey Club in the days following the meeting in question that a race had been run over an incorrect distance (6 furlongs 2 yards as opposed to the advertised distance of 6 furlongs 168 yards). Following an investigation into the incident, the result of that race was also allowed to stand.

2. In accordance with its own employment procedures the Jockey Club will be addressing the matter of the Doncaster incident with the officials on duty that day.

3. Rule 170(iv) says: An objection to a horse on the grounds of…. the race having been run over the wrong course….must be made to the Clerk of the Scales….before the Clerk of the Scales completes the Weighing In of the Riders as set out in Rule 162(i).