08 Jan 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

Further Arrests In Police Investigation

Published: 8 January 1999

The Jockey Club was today informed by the Metropolitan Police that a further two people, both licensed jockeys, have been arrested in connection with the on-going police investigation into the doping of two racehorses in 1997 and other alleged incidents of race fixing.

Christopher Foster, Executive Director of the Jockey Club, said: “The Jockey Club considered what action should be taken by the regulator in respect of the arrest of these licensed persons. This afternoon the Jockey Club’s Licensing Committee has informed the two jockeys that their licences to ride have not been suspended. The Licensing Committee considered that the mere fact of their arrest, while having significant implications for the integrity of horseracing, did not pose a sufficient threat to public confidence or the proper conduct of meetings to justify immediate suspension with its serious consequences for the jockeys. However, the matter will be kept under review.”