23 Jan 2004 Pre-2014 Releases

Gay Kelleway to Face Disciplinary Panel

Published: 23 January 2004

Gay Kelleway to face Disciplinary Panel

The Jockey Club has notified trainer Gay Kelleway that following an investigation by the Security Department she will be required to attend an enquiry before the Disciplinary Panel.

The enquiry will consider whether Gay Kelleway’s involvement with the website constitutes a breach of Rule 243 of the Rules of Racing.

In November 2003 the Touch Betting Syndicate website offered the opportunity for clients to subscribe to various services in order to receive information from Gay Kelleway about her horses in training. The sums of money for each service varied from £10,000 per year to £35,000 per year.

Rule 243 (see below) prohibits licensed trainers, jockeys or registered stable staff from communicating information about horses which is not publicly available in return for reward or benefit in kind.

The hearing is expected to take place next month.

January 23rd 2004

Notes for Editors:

1. Rule 243 says: A licensed or permitted person or a Jockey or Amateur Rider, or a registered stable employee shall not communicate directly or indirectly to any person for any material reward, gift, favour or benefit in kind information about a horse which is not publicly available or is not provided for in Appendix N of the Rules of Racing unless the person in question is the Owner or Owner’s representative.