13 Jun 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

Go Racing, at a meeting with BHB this afternoon, advised that it found BH?_x0019_s standard terms and conditions for its data unacceptable.

Go Racing insisted on three things:

 That BHB effectively grant Go Racing a 10 year data licence for its media rights
 That BHB grant licences to Go Racing that would allow them to develop all future technologies
 That BHB agree to establish a limit of 1.5% for its data.

The BHB has turned down all three stipulations for the following reasons:

1) BHB is not willing to grant 10 year licences to anyone.

2) BHB will not grant licences for undeveloped technologies for which Go Racing has paid nothing and for which no projections have been included in Go Racing’s Business Plan

3) BHB cannot establish a maximum price for its data before it is in possession of the research work that it has commissioned in order to help it decide what its pricing structure should be.

BHB wishes to correct the statement by Go Racing that BHB “have merely said that they will not ask more for data than the total value of the deal which we have negotiated with the racecourses for all rights”. What BHB did say was that it accepted that the price of data AND pictures would not exceed the total value of the deal.

BHB’s policy on undeveloped technologies is that, after a short period of exclusivity, BHB would be willing to operate an open licensing policy to Go Racing and others.

BHB has undertaken to provide a price for its data within the Go Racing contract timetable, which is 30th June 2001.

BHB refutes the accusation that “they are merely intent on bolstering their own position”. BHB’s sole objective is to act in the best interests of British racing.

BHB remains willing to provide its data on the terms it has proposed.

For further information please contact:
Teresa Cash or Alan Delmonte on 020 7343 3334/020 7343 3318