18 Nov 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

Robert Hughes, Chairman of the Levy Board, has responded to a letter from Peter Savill, Chairman of the British Horseracing Board, by declining to answer the five key questions posed by the BHB.
Peter Savill commented “”Robert Hughes’ unwillingness to answer the questions is deeply disappointing. We were promised an open, accountable and transparent process and yet these five key questions still have not been answered. This only supports the view that the racing industry was badly short-changed by the process.
“”However, we will continue to impress upon government our hope that the outcome of its current Quinquennial Review of the Levy Board will produce a framework within which a replacement Levy mechanism can be speedily developed and implemented.””
The five questions asked were:
1. What was the figure that the three government-appointed members decided in September could and should be paid by the bookmakers for the levy?
2. Why did the Levy Board Chairman not honour his public promise to advise the parties to the negotiation what that figure was?
3. Why did the Levy Board accept a lower figure than the three government-appointed members had agreed should be paid?
4. Why did the Levy Board not refer the matter to the Home Secretary if the offer was less than the three government-appointed members believed should be paid?
5. Why did the Levy Board Chairman make no attempt to get the betting industry and the racing industry to sit round the negotiating table together to agree the figure that he was looking for?