Important Brexit information for participants published on likely new arrangements from 1 January

24 Nov 2020 BHA Features Financial/Political

  • Information aims to clarify likely new requirements on four key areas: health, transport, and customs requirements for horse movement as well as people movement – in a simple and clear format
  • Four key infographics and timeline produced to help participants understand what new processes and requirements may be in place from 1 January
  • Information may be subject to change due to wider ongoing negotiations, but aims to give participants sufficient time to become familiar
  • Advice remains not to move horses in first two weeks of January and to engage a shipping and/or customs agent as a priority

Information for those in the British racing and breeding industries has today been published about the likely new arrangements for horse and people movement to and from the European Union from 1 January.

The information, which takes the form of four key infographics and two timelines, aims to ensure the key requirements in relation to horse and people movement are shown in a format which is clear and easy to follow. It supplements the information already available on the Brexit page on

The four key areas covered are:

A timeline for the requirements for horse movement has also been created to assist those looking to move horses about the various processes at different stages prior to movement:

As well as an FAQs document which will continue to be updated as new specific queries arise.

While negotiations regarding a Free Trade Agreement are still ongoing, and there will need to be further clarifications once the negotiation process has ended, it has been decided to communicate this information now to allow participants sufficient time to familiarise themselves with the new arrangements and processes which could be required. The advice issued today will be subject to further change.

The latest information will continue to be available via the Brexit page on the British Horseracing Authority website. Extensive guidance is also available from the UK Government via GOV.UK.

Julian Richmond-Watson, Chair of the Thoroughbred Industry’s Brexit Steering Group, said:

“Like many industries, we face a difficult balancing act in light of deciding when the right time is to communicate to our participants with negotiations still ongoing.

“Nonetheless, deal or no deal, there will be key changes to the way our interconnected industry operates from 1 January.

“We are keen to ensure we give participants sufficient time to familiarise themselves with the relevant processes and have aimed to keep the information in as simple, short and engaging a format as possible.

“Given we still require clarity on a number of key policy areas, it is possible that this guidance may change, but the Steering group felt it was right to be proactive and communicate what we anticipate the likely arrangements to be from 1 January from the information available.

“It remains our advice not to move horses in the first two weeks of January and to engage a shipping and or customs agent to assist you, particularly if you are operating on an individual basis or familiarising yourself with these new processes for the first time.

“We will continue to press Government for clarification on the outstanding policy areas and communicate further progress to the industry as soon as we are able to.”

Notes to editors:

1.The advice not to move horses for the first two weeks of January is available here.