11 Feb 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockey Club Announces New Director of Security

Published: 11 February 2002

The Jockey Club has appointed Jeremy Phipps as Director of Security. Since September 2001 Jeremy has been acting Head of Security, he will take on his new full time role on 12th February.

Jeremy Phipps, who is 59, was previously employed as a Director of Control Risks Group (Security Specialists), where he was responsible for developing relationships with key international clients. He has experience in fraud risk and prevention, personnel and physical security, contingency planning and crisis management.

Jeremy Phipps retired from the Army in 1997 as a Major General, having served for 37 years with the Queen’s Own Hussars and the Special Air Service. From 1989-1993, he was Director UK Special Forces and had overall responsibility for their strategic and operational direction. He had regular dealings with UK Government agencies, Security Services, Police, Customs & Excise and overseas governments at the highest level.

Christopher Spence, Senior Steward of the Jockey Club, said: “Jeremy brings to the position not only his extensive and valuable experience, but also a long held interest in racing. Furthermore, the excellent work he has done within the department since September means he is already familiar with the infrastructure and personnel involved with the job.”

Jeremy Phipps said: “I am very pleased to be joining the Jockey Club full time as I have much enjoyed the period in which I have been acting Head of Security. In the relatively short time I have been involved, I have been impressed by the attitude and commitment of not only the Security Department staff, but also, all those involved with the Jockey Club’s regulatory role. The intention is for me to be Director of Security for the next three years and I am excited by the prospect. One of my first tasks will be to take the Department forward in light of the recently completed security review carried out by Control Risks Group.”

11th February 2002

Notes for Editors:
1. The Director of Security reports to the Executive Director, Christopher Foster, operationally and to the Security Steward, Gurney Sheppard. He is responsible for informing and updating the Security and Investigations Committee about the operations of the Security Department.

2. The Security Department currently employs 32 full time and 38 part time staff.