16 Dec 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockey Club Appointments 2003

Published: 16 December 2002

At the December meeting of the Jockey Club Members held this morning, the appointments for 2003 were confirmed.

The Regulatory Board, to which is delegated responsibility for regulatory policy and decisions, has been expanded to include not only six Stewards of the Jockey Club but six full-time executive directors as well, rather than three as was the case previously. Another change for 2003 is the re-naming of the Disciplinary Committee to Disciplinary Panel, this is a more accurate reflection of the judicial role of the Panel as decisions regarding disciplinary policy are taken by the Regulatory Board.

At this morning’s meeting Julian Richmond Watson was elected Senior Steward with effect from 1st July 2003, succeeding Christopher Spence. Andrew Merriam has been appointed Disciplinary Steward and as such takes over the Chairmanship of the Disciplinary Panel and the Racecourse Stewarding Committee from Christopher Hodgson. Finally, the Chairmen of Racecourse Holdings Trust and Jockey Club Estates are no longer ex-officio Stewards of the Jockey Club.


Christopher Spence – Senior Steward, BHB Director (until 30/6/03)
David Oldrey – Deputy Senior Steward, BHB Director
Andrew Merriam – Regulatory Steward
Lord McGowan (Duncan) – Regulatory Steward
Mark Davies – Regulatory Steward
Earl of Halifax (Peter) – Regulatory Steward
Gurney Sheppard – Regulatory Steward
Julian Richmond Watson – Jockey Club nominated Director on BHB, Senior Steward from 1/7/03


The Regulatory Committee of the Jockey Club is now called the Regulatory Board. The Board comprises six Stewards and the six Directors.

Christopher Spence – Senior Steward & Chairman
Mark Davies – Racecourse Steward
Earl of Halifax – Regulatory Steward
Andrew Merriam – Disciplinary Steward
Lord McGowan – Licensing Steward
Gurney Sheppard – Security Steward
Christopher Foster – Executive Director
Tony Goodhew – Director, Racecourse Licensing & Standards
Malcolm Wallace – Director of Regulation
Dr Peter Webbon – Director of Veterinary Science and Welfare
vacant – Director of Security
John Maxse – Director of Public Relations


Disciplinary Panel (previously known as Disciplinary Committee)

Andrew Merriam Chairman
Earl of Halifax (Peter) Joint Deputy Chairman
Alastair Macdonald-Buchanan Joint Deputy Chairman
Nicholas Wrigley
William Bethell
Tim Bell
John Wallinger

Christopher Hodgson steps down as Chairman of the Committee, to be replaced by Andrew Merriam. Alastair Macdonald-Buchanan becomes a Joint Deputy Chairman and Tim Bell and John Wallinger join the panel. Stephen Webb steps down.

Appeal Board
The Hon Sir Edward Cazalet }
Bruce Blair QC } Independent chairmen
Richard Hartley QC }

Wentworth Beaumont
Chris Collins
Christopher Hall
Anthony Mildmay-White
John Rose
Michael Wates
Fiona Whitaker

The Hon Sir Edward Cazalet, Bruce Blair QC and Richard Hartley QC are the independent members of the Appeal Board. One of these three non-Jockey Club members chairs each hearing accompanied by two members drawn from those listed above.

Licensing Committee

The Lord McGowan Chairman
Charles Lloyd-Baker
Fiona Whitaker
Mike Felton
Julia Scott

Lady Richard Wellesley stands down from the Committee to be replaced by Julia Scott.

16th December 2001