29 Sep 2005 Pre-2014 Releases

Jockeys Agents to be Licensed

Published: 29 September 2005

The increasing riding commitments of jockeys have seen agents become an inseparable part of a rider’s working life and agents relieve the burden of administrative duties from riders. This shift in work patterns has let to agents becoming an integral part of the industry, representing 352 (78%) of the 450 professional jockeys.

Following a review of their role, standards and influence within the racing industry, the Regulatory Board of the Jockey Club has decided that, with effect from 1st December 2005, riders agents are to be licensed by the Jockey Club to ensure levels of uniformity and accountability for all licensed personnel.

The Board has taken this step as a means to regulate alongside the changing trends of the industry. Whilst licensing riders agents will not intrinsically change current policy it will do two main things:

i) Require agents to be accountable to the Jockey Club Licensing Committee who approve all licences for jockeys and trainers;

ii) Bring riders agents directly under the administrative supervision of the Jockey Club which, in effect, upgrades their actual status within the industry and places them alongside the jockeys and trainers for whom they provide a service.

29th September 2005

Notes for Editors:

1. Riders’ agents currently register with Weatherbys.

2. 43 agents are currently registered and run the schedules of 352 jockeys

3. Currently, for a payment of an annual £170.45 fee, plus £40.99 for each jockey represented, any individual may represent a rider as an agent.

4. Agents are licensed in Ireland and by Racing Victoria.