01 Jul 2003 Pre-2014 Releases

Joint BHB Security Review Group Recommendations

Published: 1 July 2003


Recommendation 1

A new Mission Statement, to include the principal strategic aims and objectives of the Security Department.

Recommendation 2

The Jockey Club Security Department’s primary responsibility should be to police ‘The Orders and Rules of Racing’; criminal offences are matters for the Police.

Recommendation 3

A more robust information strategy to be adopted by the Jockey Club to demonstrate how it regulates racing and what it is doing to address issues which affect the integrity of racing.

Recommendation 4

A robust prevention and deterrence strategy to be created and implemented by the Security Department.

Recommendation 5

Stable guards should remain Jockey Club staff.

Recommendation 6

The Security Department to continue to liaise closely with the operators of betting exchanges with a view to combating current threats and to identify any emerging risks.

Recommendation 7

All those licensed or registered by the Jockey Club who hold an account with a bookmaker or betting exchange should register that fact with the Jockey Club and such registration should become a condition of the grant of a licence or registration.

Recommendation 8

Consideration to be given to a proposal to address the shortage of stables on some racecourses, with an interim solution to create a designated secure compound to which horseboxes with runners not allocated a stable are directed.

Recommendation 9

The Director of Security should remain a member of the Jockey Club Regulatory Board.

Recommendation 10

An additional post of “Head of Intelligence” to be created to co-ordinate the whole intelligence function within the Department and to assist in liaison with other agencies.

Recommendation 11

A post of “Chief Investigator” to be created from within the existing posts.

Recommendation 12

The appointment of the new Director of Security should involve an open advertisement, followed by a transparent selection process matching the accountabilities and job description of the role against the qualities and abilities of the best candidate for the post.

Recommendation 13

A full user requirement for a computerised database for the Security Department at Jockey Club Headquarters to be prepared.

Recommendation 14

Within the proper bounds of confidentiality, improvements to be made in the feedback arrangements for those who have provided information to the Security Department.

Recommendation 15

The Security Department to review and rationalise its targeting policy to be consistent with its Departmental aims and objectives.

Recommendation 16

Digital cameras to be issued to appropriate security staff and the effectiveness of existing covert cameras to be reviewed.

Recommendation 17

Investigators should be de-briefed following a case, to identify and share good practice and develop intelligence.

Recommendation 18

Personal notebooks to be issued with unique reference numbers and a record of issue.

Recommendation 19

Where Police decline to pursue a criminal investigation, consideration to be given to taking action under the Rules of Racing.

Recommendation 20

The roles of the Racing Intelligence Officer and the Investigating Officer to be combined.

Recommendation 21

A new post of Betting Investigator to be created.

Recommendation 22

Stable guards to be properly briefed including consideration given to providing photographs and identification details of excluded persons.

Recommendation 23

A designated point of contact to be established between stable guards on duty and other Security Department staff.

Recommendation 24

All Security Department Operational Orders to be stored and accessed electronically.

Recommendation 25

The Chief Investigator to have responsibility for a fewer number of racecourses to compensate for his additional supervisory role.

Recommendation 26

In addition to the current staff of the Central Intelligence Cell, the following new posts to be created:

 Head of Intelligence (a new post with the role possibly re-designated from within existing staff – see Recommendation 10)
 Office manager/allocator
 Administrator/researcher
 Inputter/typist
 Betting analyst (current postholder retiring)

An additional post of Betting Investigator is also recommended.

Recommendation 27

Training for all posts within the Security Department should be reviewed; there is a pressing need for formal induction courses and training in some specialist areas, like betting.

Recommendation 28

The Director of Security to review the arrangements for both executive and operational liaison with other Departments of the Jockey Club and BHB and, in particular with:

• The Stewards and Stewards Secretaries and the Director of Regulation;
• The Licensing Department;
• The Disciplinary Department (including the Disciplinary Stewards and the Race Reader);
• Handicappers
• The Public Relations Department.

Whilst the principal focus of this recommendation refers to those personnel within the Jockey Club, improved liaison with the BHB, particularly the Handicappers, would also be beneficial.

Recommendation 29

Formal executive liaison arrangements to be made between the Director of Security/Head of Intelligence and the Chairman and General Manager of the NJPC.

Recommendation 30

The Director of Security to review liaison arrangements with the principal stakeholders in horseracing and, in particular with:

• The National Trainers Federation;
• The Jockeys Association (GB);
• The Racehorse Owners Association;
• The Racecourse Association Ltd.

Recommendation 31

The Director of Security to review and enhance the liaison arrangements between the Security Department and the bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Recommendation 32

In addition to reviewing the Department’s general liaison arrangements with the bookmakers and betting exchanges, the Security Department actively to develop the initiatives for the exchange of information that are currently taking place between it and the betting industry.

Recommendation 33

The Director of Security to develop closer executive liaison arrangements with HM Customs and Excise, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) to agree protocols for mutual operational co-operation.

Recommendation 34

Relevant information should be sought by the Security Department from the bookmakers and betting exchanges to the fullest extent practicable under voluntary arrangements, pending planned legislation establishing a Gambling Commission.

Recommendation 35

The Jockey Club Regulatory Board to review the position of the trainer when the jockey is found in breach of the Rules in relation to